Our clients are expected a firm to take advantage of recent technological developments to enhance their operational and controls infrastructure. Orical’s program development and consulting services provide best-in-class technical solutions for Compliance Monitoring, Code of Ethics Administration, Human Resources and Risk Management. Professionals at Orical have years of experience working with the industry’s best software developers to provide investment managers with secure and efficient programmed solutions that are powerful, scalable and user-friendly. In conjunction with the best of these developers, Orical employs its software development experience and expertise to offer its clients a vast array of customized solutions that increase productivity, transparency and accuracy in many critical compliance and operational areas.

Orical clients benefit from its programming experience and existing software framework, which in many cases helps to reduce much of the programing costs. These programmed solutions are completely scalable and can be adjusted to meet a client’s specific and changing needs. All development clients receive timely and efficient ongoing technical support from trained and knowledgeable technicians. Orical’s best-in-class Technical Solutions are cost-effective and add value to a firm’s productivity. Orical’s Technical Solutions Platform provides clients with an efficient way to meet, and in most cases even surpass, the most demanding expectations of today’s regulators and sophisticated investors. If you are interested in these technical solutions, please contact us for a free consultation and demonstration.